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I'd like to write an article about music.

You are more than welcome to suggest article ideas if you are a professional musician. Please contact us.

Can I contact one of your contributors through you?

No sorry, we will never give out any contact information.

I can't find my comment.

The comment-sections on this site are moderated. No OT-comments are allowed. We don't accept rude comments either. Because of recent events we add that we also don't approve of comments that try to hijack an article, or an artitst's story told on this site, for the purpose of self promotion from the commentator, not that that occurs to many of our visitors, but there is always the one.

What is site place about?

This is a website where musicians write and speak about music. The site also quotes musicians talking about music. We are very much about catching the process and the story of the golden era of recorded music. Often times our pieces are short, but don't let this fool you - the information often goes deep. We don't mistake quantity for quality here.

We also run a Virtual Artist Assistant that is very popular and successful!


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